5 Best Hair Loss Prevention


5 Best Hair Loss Prevention

Maybe you’ve read how to prevent hair loss and it sounds easy, but hair loss treatment is no small task. Loss of a single hair can be very painful.

Although we can not project this feeling to everyone around us, deep in our heart we are continue to think about how to stop hair loss with biotin and alopecia. That is the reason why you often try variety of products such as biotin shampoo and tablets that promise treat you hair loss, but prevention is much better plan than treating and here are the ways as suggested by Dr. Shreepad Khedekar, a director of the Mind Body Expert, Imperial Clinics:

Quit smoking

Smoking has a huge negative impact on the body’s circulatory system. So if you want to prevent hair loss and save your large amount of money at the same time, run your quit smoking program.

Exercise and overcome stressful life

Stress always appear in our daily life but too much stress can cause your hair loss, hair growth slows and may even get you to pull your own hair. Exercise can help you deal with stress and may reduce hair loss.

Proper diet and exercise

Many people can greatly increase their diet by simply reducing sugar overloads of candy, cake, soft drinks, and etc. A balanced diet with the right proportion that you get from fruits, vegetables, cereals milk products, and protein can have tremendous effect on health of the scalp and hair production.

Stop or reduce smoking and alcohol drinking

Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake. Eat healthy diet rich in protein can help you enrich hair growth, experts say liver disease can cause alopecia (balding) due to excessive alcohol intake, so if you frequently consume alcohol and experiencing hair loss, beware of liver disease ranging threaten your health.

Protecting your hair from UV ray

Sun exposure also affected to your hair. You can try to avoid direct sunlight as a step preventing hair loss because it can make you bald because UVA and UVB rays harmful.

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