Natural Acne Treatment From Inside And Outside Body

Natural Acne Treatment From Inside And Outside Body

Acne usually occurs on face, neck, back and in women sometime it appear on breast caused by hormonal factors, diet, infections, genetic, and lack of cleanliness. This skin disorders can be extended to body and hard to remove than those on face. Natural acne treatment can be done by preventing the causes of acne first.

One important thing to be avoided is face massage although it is comfortable, but harsh pressure could disrupt collagen fiber in skin (dermis) and expanding infection. You can take advantage by natural ingredients in your kitchen to treatment.


Consume one seed of garlic every day can help you treat from inside by destroy bad bacteria in pores and increasing immune system, including skin. While, outside you can make it become your masker by mashed smooth two seeds or more then apply on face for 10 minutes then wash because it contains volatile oil useful as antibacterial and antiseptic, while saltivine accelerate growth and structure cell.

Egg Whites

Separate the egg yolks and take egg whites. Whisk briefly and then apply to face for 15 minutes. It has drying effect on skin, which reduces excess oil secreted by sebaceous glands, promote healing, shrink pores and remove dirt. It also contains enzyme lysozyme, which can destroy bacteria cell wall and eliminate the infection.

In addition to be mask, egg white very beneficial as natural food skin because it will work from inside to outside the body by boiled before consume, with this way help your skin healthy and brighten because it contains vitamins that can fight acne such as vitamin B2 help reduce stress, one of mine factor that increase oil production and vitamin B3 which can increase blood circulation. While, zinc can strengthen immune system, heal wound and helps regulate hormones.

Aloe Vera

Take an aloe vera stalk, cut into pieces, peel the skin, then apply on acne, and do repeatedly every morning and evening. It will quickly dry up and flake off for 3 days. It like other plant benefit to treatment because  it could help you eliminate acne and shrink pores because it contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B21, C, E, choline, inositol, folic acid and minerals such calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, and chromium.


It is one of fruits beneficial for vision and also skin.  Sliced tomato into two, rub all over the face and allow for 15 minutes t 1 hour then wash. Tomato is rich in vitamins A, C and high lycopene. All these nutrients functionally as natural sunscreen, brighten skin and reduce oil on face.


You can use it as whitening, dead skin and heal the open pores by rubbing lemon slices on your face, it is also contain many substances notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene that promote immunity, fight infection and also serves to cleanse the skin and remove the oil on face, which were accumulated be acne and blackheads, you may find widely how to remove blackheads by lemon juice. 2015-2016