Get Rid of Chin Fat – What Really Works

Get Rid of Chin Fat – What Really Works

Even though I’m fairly fit overall in the past few years my face had gotten kind of tired and droopy looking.  I especially hated my double chin but I didn’t know how I could get rid of chin fat so I just kind of ignored it.

When I really decided to do something about it was when someone mentioned that they saw a photo of me from a few years ago and that my face looked great!  They said they meant it as a compliment but it made me realize just how puffy and fat looking my face had become.

After looking at a lot of tips, products, etc. I discovered some important things that started making sense and that actually do help get rid of chin fat.

1 – Your chin needs exercise to stay firm and toned looking.

2 – You do need to have a fairly low amount of chin fat to look good no matter how lean and toned the muscles are underneath.

3 – The skin itself influences how tight and firm your face and neck look.

Anyway, I looked at several products and programs and probably the best one I found was the Face Fitness Formula program.  It covers exercises for your entire face and neck along with nutrition information, support, forums and a bunch of other stuff.

I saw a lot of other products and programs that are supposed to help you get rid of face fat but most of them just didn’t look that detailed or they were based on just getting rid of fat, or just exercising facial muscles, but not both.

There’s also some free facial exercises and nutrition tips on their site too.

I’ve been into health and fitness for years and some of that knowledge and experience helped me figure out the best methods to use–once I saw them.  I wouldn’t have been able to figure them out on my own though.

There’s definitely some overlap between general dieting and exercise knowledge and programs specifically designed for you face but there are a lot of very important differences too.  Just trying a couple of the double chin exercises and tweaking my diet, including my special chin fat recipe, I started seeing real changes in how my face and neck looked.

I’m not 100 percent of the way there yet but it feels great to be moving in the right direction.  My face is looking leaner and more fit.  My skin is looking better.  I’ve lost a noticeable amount of face fat and have actually gotten a little bit leaner overall due to the diet changes too.

Besides double chin exercises there are also exercises and other information on how to improve the rest of your face too.  So if you want to get rid of chin fat I would recommend getting this program. 2015-2016