Exercising at the “Right” Time


Exercising at the “Right” Time

We all have our personal preferences regarding the best time to exercise. You have no choice but to do what you know is right for your body and yourself no matter what plans life may have for us. Have you ever experienced this, it is ok we will explain it further. You should feel comfortable about working out any time of day.

Sometimes the only time there is to work out is the morning. However, if you just start doing it what you will discover is your body will make the adjustment. Your body will reset its own clock, and when that happens you will “feel” fine with a hard work-out in the morning. The rest of this article will have more great points.

You have to do what your schedule allows even if that means first thing in the morning. You may just have to help your body out even if it seems adjusted. The easiest way to do this is by warming up properly and thoroughly. When your routine begins in the morning it’s important to prepare your muscles by warming them up before you dive into a workout. This alone can put you at a higher risk for injury if you aren’t careful to warm up. Before you get into a hard workout do all that you can to limber up your muscles to avoid injury.

If you choose to engage in your fitness activity during lunch, or maybe a mid-afternoon break, then be aware of the environment. Research has proven that lungs function at less than optimum around lunch time. Power walks along busy streets put you in less than an ideal environment for aerobic activity. At least this is better than sitting stagnant all the time. The hot summer months make it even more necessary to protect yourself whenever possible. Be sure to stay hydrated at all times to help out your lungs and overall body.

There is a body of evidence, though debated perhaps, that suggests the evening as the best time to exercise. This is in regards to the best time to exercise as determined by your body’s functions. The best time for exercising scientifically is the evenings. This theory is at odds with many people and their schedules. It is more important according to many professionals, to pick a time when you can remain dedicated to your fitness routine. The scientific view tends to get overridden because people do have more success when they exercise at a time that doesn’t interfere with their lives. So if you can only fit in a workout before 6 PM, then that is the time that’s best for you. This sounds like good common sense.

There are some who disagree with morning workouts and others still who disagree with evenings. Your clock will adjust to whatever you decide on.

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