Mommy Moment: “Baby Hair”

Mommy Moment: “Baby Hair”

Motherhood is a funny thing: it can literally make your heart swell out of your chest with unreasonable, unbridled joy while at the same time feel like it is being wrung out like a damp towel by fear of the unknown. I can be exhausted and full of energy, all at once. I can know exactly what my little boy needs one day and not a clue the next. You think you know what it will be like beforehand, but you truly have no idea. The way you look at your body, view the world, interpret TV commercials, define a “Friday Night”…it changes the instant that baby is handed to you. It seems like every day I’m either amazed, confused, frustrated, or strengthened by something that was impacted by the birth of my son (sometimes all at once!). So I figured I would talk about a few of them in a blog post series called “Mommy Moments”.

I will start today’s Mommy Moment by posing a simple question…

What is going on with my hair?!

These “horns”, for lack of a better word, are just plain ridiculous!

Before I was pregnant, I assumed the term “baby hair” referred to the innocent wispy hairs around your face that everyone has or to someone who has very fine hair. You know, like a baby.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant that a woman told me, “Oh no, its named after the little hairs a woman gets after having a baby.” I blew the notion off until recently…holy hairs! They are out of control! I naturally have very thick hair, so the typical hair loss a woman experiences after having a baby was taken to DEFCON levels for me. That was finally slowing down and now I’m hit with my own personal set of wings…?! Not cool, Universe. Not cool. They literally have a mind of their own. I can’t flat iron them, I can’t hairspray them flat. And most devastating…they only get worse when I pull my hair up. Does this mean that I will actually be forced into styling my hair?! Cue tears now. 2015-2016