Ammonia in Fast Food Burgers

Ammonia in Fast Food Burgers

Ammonia or “Pink Slime” that is Injected into Ground Meat

There is nothing more frightening then to think that window cleaning chemical is being injected into our beef to kill any e.coli that might be in the ground meat we are purchasing.  How scary is this?  To get right to the point it is the cheapest type of ground meat consisting of scrapes that is sent through a series of machines, where it is ground into paste like consistency in which the fat is separated and injects an ammonia substance to kill the pathogens.

The chemical product is injected with a substance that has become known as “pink slime” and is marketed mainly to hamburger makers across the country.  There are three selling points of the product which are: 1) it is extremely cheap: 2) it carries e.coli, pink slime, including pathogens, and is sterilized by adding ammonia; and 3) it is so full of ammonia  thinking will kill any of the pathogens that are mixed with the ground meat.

This has been happening across the country to some of the most well known fast food restaurants that are visited on a regular basis.  The fast food restaurants that have been specifically targeted are Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Burger King, although there are many more.  Even the very best of ground meat is probably only 70% pure and that is totally frightening to anyone in this day and age, when it comes to the amount of meat that one eats on an every day basis.

It just does not seem right that the ground meat which is used so widely in every household around world has to be injected with a product used as glass cleaning product and that even with the use of this product it may not always kill the pathogens (e.coli and salmonella) which is found to be contaminating cow derived products.  Just think about the fact that this ground meat is sold and served in the schools in which children attend is more upsetting then anyone can imagine, since nutrition is such an important part of raising healthy children.  This might be a way to cut costs to the school systems of America but it is putting the children of America in danger of health risks.

Some of the other concerns are how many calories is one getting, along with amount of saturated fat and sodium is in the product.  Next is whether or not the ground meat is being cooked thoroughly and what that entails is 165 degrees in order to kill pathogenic bacteria.  The meat should be cooked until brown on the inside or until it is tested with a meat thermometer.

The most appalling aspect of this meat problem with “pink slime” is that the public is just now finding out about the problem while the fast food industry, the USDA, and the school lunch program have known of the situation for quite some time.  Hence, the problem cannot be overlooked any longer in today’s society with any hope that the problem may go away.

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