Fast Food Chain Reviews Pret a Manger

Fast Food Chain Reviews Pret a Manger

Branches of the British chain of sandwich shops Prêt a Manger (translated from French to ready to eat) can now be found on almost every high street of the United Kingdom. The first of this branch of shops (clearly marked with the infamous maroon and white and red star livery) was opened opposite Hampstead Underground station in London, by Jeffrey Hyman and his college friend in 1986.

Since then the chain has grown to over 230 shops all over the United Kingdom (with 160 of them located in London); there are now also shops in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Hong Kong and – most recently – three shops in Paris – there are presently 295 Prêt shops worldwide.

Prêt a Manger shops differ from the majority of similar chains by the fact that they support various charities, they also give any food they have left at the end of the day to homeless people; also by adopting an eco friendly approach to their products and shops and by using only natural and organic ingredients. All the sandwiches that are sold in Prêt shops are made on the day of purchase in their own kitchens, and none are pre-packed and are served in ‘paperboard’ rather than plastic.

The ingredients that are used are all fresh and are delivered daily to ensure that everything is of the highest quality and so all their products look and taste delicious. The menu in Prêt a Manger shops consists predominantly of sandwiches (there are twenty different mouth watering options) and baguettes and wraps (including unbelievably a bread free ‘sandwich’), salads (both normal and fruit), delicious soups, their own delectable potato crisps, flapjacks (including a healthier option variety), brownies, cookies, muffins, cakes, croissants, Pain au Chocolate, yogurt and mousse pots and drinks – both hot and cold as well as smoothies. While the produce sold at Prêt tends to be more expensive than from other outlets the wonderful quality and variety, the extremely fresh food, the fact that all the ingredients are organic and chemical-free and the company’s ethical standards all make that higher price well worth paying.

One recent improvement to Prêt stores is the introduction of the ‘Prêt Card’; this is a credit card type card that can be loaded with any amount from £5 to £150 and can be then used in any shop. These make ideal gifts (especially handy for parent to give to their student children so that they know they can get a good nutritious meal when their own funds are low) and make paying for your Prêt goodies quick and easy. Another addition to the shops is the home delivery service that Prêt offer; everything that is sold in the shops can be ordered on line and delivered days a week. It is possible to get same day delivery and delivery is free on all orders over £30.

Eating in a branch of Prêt a Manger is always enjoyable thanks to the friendly, informative and approachable staff; it is quite obvious from the standards of service that all the staff are well trained. These staff are always happy to help and are informative enough to answer any questions that a customer may have, and in the unlikely event of a customer having complaint the staff are always more than happy to offer a freebie! Prêt a Manger are by far the best fast food chain in the UK high street and well worth a visit. 2015-2016