Fast Food Chain Reviews Subway

Fast Food Chain Reviews Subway

Subway restaurants first opened their doors in 1965 in the town of Bridgeport in Connecticut.   Today, it is a worldwide operation, and each of the over 34,000 stores is franchised.  Subway offers its hungry eaters a chance at fast food without such high calorie and fat counts.  At Subway, people can choose from numerous different subs, as well as fresh vegetables piled on top.  This way of eating still conforms to the need for fast food, but also provides a healthier option than a burger and fries.

Most Subway restaurants provide a dine-in area with a variety of seating options.  Most locations aren’t very big, they do not have a drive-thru, but they do often offer catering for large groups. 

When you walk into most any Subway, you are immediatly greeted by a whaft of the fresh bread they bake.  Nearly constantly, a batch of bread is in their ovens, baking up for hungry customers.  With all of the bread choices, some including herbs and cheeses, it’s no wonder that smell is signature of Subway, and can be intoxicating on an empty stomach.

The choices for subs range from traditional ham, turkey, and roast beef to tuna salad, warm chicken breast, and meatball.  All subs are available to be toasted, which was a new feature Subway added once Quiznos “Toasty” subs took off.  Aside from subs, consumers can now feast on personal pizzas, soups, and salads.  More and more locations are offering breakfast subs, with eggs and meat choices to get your day started.  Fountain drinks are always available, as are iced tea and milk.

Within the last couple of years, Subway has played around with five dollar foot-long sub deals.  While the deal remains the same, the subs offered at this price vary.  For awhile, the promotion included all of their subs, although now it’s usually limited to a different kind (or few kinds) each month.  But even if you are not taking advantage of twelve inches of sub goodness for the five dollars, you can still get a good deal, and a great sandwich.

Subway moves customers through at a fast pace, making the subs right in front of them.  These subs are truly made to order.  You choose everything you want, and don’t want, for your sub, making it nearly completely customizable.  From choice of bread to choice of fresh vegetables, you decide how much and where it all goes.

Most of the time, you will receive pretty good looking vegetables on your sub.  Occasionally you may end up with some anemic tomato slices, wrinkled green peppers, or dried out cucumber slices, but all in all, they seem to try hard to provide good quality. 

In 2010, Subway lost nearly 30% of its sales due to an outbreak of salmonella linked to their vegetables.  After the outbreak, which was centered in Illinois, Subway recalled all of their fresh vegetables.  Today, it seems Subway restaurants all over have amped up their safety protocols and food safety seems to be universally positive across the board. 

Subway offers healthy choices for consumers alongside their subs.  Yogurt, fresh apple slices, and healthier chip options have joined the menu as side items.  Subway still features its yummy cookie assortment as well, for those with the insatiable sweet tooth.

So, if you are in the mood for a customizable, fresh sub, then head on over to your local Subway.  It’s fast, fresh, and can be a healthier option when compared to other fast food.

Statistical information taken from Subway’s website. 2015-2016