How Clean is your Fast Food Restaurant

How Clean is your Fast Food Restaurant

A restaurant has no more of a clean environment then you would have at home.

Infact, they have hand washing stations in the back that they have to wash their hands at often. Even if they did wash their hands after using the rest rooms, they would still have to wash their hands at the sanitizing stations. Just because you don’t see it, does not automatically mean that they don’t wash their hands. In this, with having to wash their hands numerous times throughout the day, they probably have cleaner hands then the traditional family style restaurants.

As far as their dirty bathrooms go, they clean them at least twice a day. And the janitor that comes in at night to clean will clean the bathrooms then as well. The mess that accumulates in between cleanings is not due to a lack of cleanliness, but rather from irresponsible, rude customers. The employees didn’t make that mess. Especially knowing that they would have to clean it up.

The same goes for the drinks counter. Usually when someone comes in and sees it is a mess, it’s right after a rush, and the employees are still stocking up behind the counter for the next rush. It’s not because said to themselves, I think that I am going to go out to the drinks counter and make a huge mess of straw wrappers that I cant manage to throw away in the garbage, spilt pop that I am in to big of a rush to wipe up, and lids that I am too lazy to put back in their place so I’ll just lay them on the counter. Who would have thought that about a hundred people all in a rush, trying to get something quick to eat, could make such a mess.

And with the floors, they have on average 400 to 500 people trudging in and out of the building all day. If you have that many people going in and out of your house all day, you too would have a problem keeping it clean. Especially when there are half of those people who don’t seem to know how to pick up after themselves.

If you want a clean environment, pick up after yourselves. Take care of what you use. If you spill, wipe it up. Come on, has America really become that lazy we have placed the blame of the mess on someone who didn’t do it, because we are in to big of a hurry to wipe it up or put it away? 2015-2016