Is the Cost of Fast Food more than a Financial Cost

Is the Cost of Fast Food more than a Financial Cost

Imagine eating fast food twice a week at, let’s say, $6 a meal. $6 times 2x a week is $12, $12 times 4 weeks in a month equals $48 and $48 times 12 months in year equals $576 a year on fast food. Okay… doesn’t sound too bad because buying groceries every week averages out to about $1,200 for $100 worth of groceries a week. Yet, at the end of the first two years of a life being lived this way you notice yourself getting a little fatter. Not as fat as you thought you should be but fat enough to feel yourself exhausted at the end of the day or just by climbing a flight of stairs.

According to the fat content in fast food chains like Burger King range from 350 to 760 calories per serving OF FAT! Not including the total calories in their food that can range from 560 to 1,230 calories. So half a meal of Burger King equals to half the fat; basically, your eating lard for lunch or dinner. Now, try having that food twice a week for two years, imagine what that could be doing your internal organs as well as how it effects how you look on the outside.

Two years has passed and you notice the difference in how you look. You now know that you have gained weight because of how you have been eating. You try to stay on a diet for about 2 weeks but find yourself craving the old fashioned life style of fast food eating. This is where the crisis of losing weight begins. Now, you are addicted to this kind of food. You know that this food is as delicious as it is bad for you but your mind has become accustomed to receiving these sorts of food and the cravings are going to ruin your weight loss progress. We all know how hard it is to get rid of cravings so we have to see a nutritionist which costs as much money to see them as it is to see a regular doctor.

The nutritionist says you have do some exercise. You know you are not going to be able to exercise on your own so you hire a personal trainer which costs around $500 to over $1,000 for a five week program at Bally Total Fitness with one of their trainers. So, now you have spent over $1,000 to $2,000 on trying to lose weight but you find yourself still eating fast food because, well, you can’t help it.

Fast food addiction is hard to overcome because this addiction arranges itself in the same area in the brain as the addictions for drugs, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. Thus, you are going to feel lots of headaches and body aches because of the withdrawal of these substances from your body; and, you are going to become lazy trying to work out because of these aches and pains.

Living a life this way is an emotional and financial roller coaster ride that will take you years to overcome. Thus, if you don’t need to have fast food don’t; it’ll put these people out of business and out of being the “American Way”, as people say, and we can live more satisfying, long lasting lives without the worry of dying horribly because of the effects of fast food. 2015-2016