Should i be Eating that Fast Food

Should i be Eating that Fast Food

I have worked at a Taco Bell for the past two years now and couldn’t be more disgusted. The food is grotesque and the smell in the back room is almost unbearable.

There is a constant smell of old rotting food that fills the air like a rough blanket, which is hardly surprising when most the food dropped on the floor would most likely be left there until the end of the night anyway.

The beans are made out of a dry powder that’s mixed with some boiling water and let out to sit and harden for forty five minutes before being served to the customers.

Knives and scissors are just simply left out everywhere never being washed just picked up and used then set back down to grow some more bacteria.

Taco Bell is one of the nastiest places I have ever been to and I have not eaten there in years. Every item on the menu is made practically out of pure fat.

The fiesta taco salad which is sold as a healthy alternative is actually the most fattening thing on the menu.

Most the upper management cares about nothing except their money, every item sold is designed to sell a lot, now that sounds stupid to say since you would think “well yea they are trying to make money.”

The problem is though that all the promotions are just promoting the fattiest items, Fresco style is one of the few things that is actually healthier but it tastes horrible.

They take all the cheese and sauces off and replace it with a salsa that smells of old feet and cat litter.

Why anyone would ever want to eat there is beyond me. I have seen people who really should be eating something healthy (since it looked like they were about to have a heart attack any moment) buy twenty dollars worth of fat and cholesterol and sit down and fill their fat faces with the slop only to get most of it on their faces and then coming back up for more. I can never tell if I’m more disgusted by the food or the customers. Yuck! 2015-2016