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Should i be Eating that Fast Food

I have worked at a Taco Bell for the past two years now and couldn’t be more disgusted. The food is grotesque and the smell in the back room is almost unbearable. There is a constant smell of old rotting food that fills the air like a rough blanket, which is hardly surprising when most […]

The Apple Pan 10801 Pico Blvd Los Angeles Calif

The Apple Pan gets my vote as The Best Hamburger in the Known Universe almost by default. For years they were my second favorite burger, living in the shadows of places like the original Sunset Grill and Don’s Place. But over the years the Number Ones have come and gone, and one day I found […]

Americas Top Pizza Chains

America’s Top 10 Pizza Chains As one of the nation’s favorite comfort foods, pizza has become the staple of choice for Americans of all walks of life. Devoured by the millions during televised sporting events, the gooey concoction of cheese, meats and vegetables piled high on different types of pie crusts, has satisfied our hunger for generations. […]

Is the Cost of Fast Food more than a Financial Cost

Imagine eating fast food twice a week at, let’s say, $6 a meal. $6 times 2x a week is $12, $12 times 4 weeks in a month equals $48 and $48 times 12 months in year equals $576 a year on fast food. Okay… doesn’t sound too bad because buying groceries every week averages out […]

Kfc and Healthy Eating

Eating at a restaurant with the word “fried” in its name can be a daunting prospect for the weight-conscious diner. Making healthy food choices at fast food restaurants does not have to be a frustrating or difficult task. In fact, with the American obesity epidemic on the rise, many fast food restaurants are redoubling their […]

Healthy Foods at Kfc

Many people enjoy KFC as a lunch or dinner, with franchises located all over the world, this restaurant has become famous for the colonels original recipe.  KFC isn’t generally regarded as healthy, as their original recipe chicken as well as their extra crispy variety contain lots of sodium and fats, with the latter being the […]

The Secret Menu of in n out Fast Food Restaurants

Pasadena is my favorite burger town. My favorite burger isn’t necessarily in Pasadena, but I’m sure you understand the difference. Pasadena has two great burgers in its midst, Pie N’ Burger and Russell’s. It used to have a third, Paris’s Grandburger, which sadly went out of business just a couple of years ago. In addition, […]

Confessions of a Hamburger Junkie

I’ve written this book many times over the last dozen years or so. In the beginning, I thought of it strictly as a guidebook to all of the hamburgers in Los Angeles, much like a Zagat guide. So I spent the better part of a year writing it, doing the research (and gaining a few […]

You Deserve a Break Today but maybe not at Mcdonalds

American Consumer Satisfaction Index  released its June results on Tuesday, June 19th and the “Home of the Golden Arches” was dead last in the limited service restaurant category. So while you may deserve “A break today” you certainly deserve more than the giant is dishing out. In all fairness to the food and service at […]

AMS Dizziness

Together having a sinus infection or sinusitis like acute maxillary sinusitis(AMS) takes place a choice of various symptoms. Stress within the head, Reducing of hearing, Stuffiness, A post nasal drip, A tickly throat Dizziness However what’s it that triggers such signs and symptoms? The skull is filled with little air pockets across the nose forehead and […]

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