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The Big three and other Underachievers

No, I’m not talking about GM, Ford, and Chrysler, but McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. I really don’t want to spend too much time talking about burgers I don’t like, but I feel compelled to talk about the state of fast food in America. I do find it curious which burgers we’ve made popular in […]

Menus for crohn’s disease

Are you looking for menus for crohn’s disease? Are you worried about what foods to eat whether at home or not? Well, you have come to the right place! On this page we will discuss crones disease, it’s risk factors, it’s symptoms and some foods that you CAN eat that will not cause the dreaded […]

Guide to the best Fast Foods in the United Kingdom

What are “fast foods”? Are they foods we prepare ouselves? Are they foods we buy ready made? Are they foods which take very little time to cook? Are they foods which take very little time to eat? Whatever they are should we be eating them? However we choose to describe them there is no doubt […]

Came Into Contact With Poison Ivy

If you know what poison ivy is then you would know how awful it might be to be in contact with this bother of a plant. If one was to really come into contact with the poison ivy and you didn’t know that you did, you would likely not find out till twenty 4 to […]

Healthy Nachos Recipe

Henry has become so active and mobile lately that it’s making multitasking slightly more difficult. However, he loves to crawl around the kitchen so when I’m trying to make dinner or bake some muffins, I’ll just set him down with a few toys and let him go crazy. He loves to watch his furry brothers […]

Mommy Moment: “Baby Hair”

Motherhood is a funny thing: it can literally make your heart swell out of your chest with unreasonable, unbridled joy while at the same time feel like it is being wrung out like a damp towel by fear of the unknown. I can be exhausted and full of energy, all at once. I can know […]

Exercising at the “Right” Time

We all have our personal preferences regarding the best time to exercise. You have no choice but to do what you know is right for your body and yourself no matter what plans life may have for us. Have you ever experienced this, it is ok we will explain it further. You should feel comfortable […]

Fan Coil Unit Programmable Thermostat

Purchasing a fan coil unit programmable thermostat may not be the easiest decision you have had to make. Granted there are many issues and details you need to figure out before making any purchase decision in a hurry. The best way of course to convince yourself that a fan coil unit programmable thermostat is the […]

Strep Throat Diagnosis

Strep throat is an infection that tends to affect most people and is caused by the streptococcus pyogens bacteria. This infection may be confused with sore in nose and sore throat, however the symptoms associated with strep throat are quite different from those experienced in sore throat. Since it is a bacterial infection, it’s important to […]

Get Rid of Chin Fat – What Really Works

Even though I’m fairly fit overall in the past few years my face had gotten kind of tired and droopy looking.  I especially hated my double chin but I didn’t know how I could get rid of chin fat so I just kind of ignored it. When I really decided to do something about it […]

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